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Tag and Release of a 16 ft Great White Shark at the Monster Shark Tournament & Shark Fishing on Channel 5 Chronicle

The Perseverance Fishing Team participated in aka Martha's Vineyard Shark Tournament this past weekend. We tagged and released 10 Blue Sharks from 4.5 to 12 feet in size. We battled and lost what would have been a nice size Mako. The big news is the fact that we tagged a 16 foot long Great White Shark and caught the entire episode on video. We saw the Great White Shark that turned out to be a young female by luring her to the boat with proven techniques. The Great White circled the boat for close to 20 minutes. Great White Sharks are threatened species and it is against the law to catch them.
Picture of Shark
My 1st mate lured the fish to the boat and hand fed her so he could tag her. Noted fisheries biologist Dr. Greg Skomal, expert and author of the "Shark Handbook" saw the video and could not believe his eyes. What a feat!!!!! We cannot share the video with you at this time. We are very thankful to help out Ms Ruth Briggs of the APEX Predator Program in Narragansett, RI with tagging this fish. We have decided to start offering tag and release shark Charters to provide scientific data to the APEX Predator Program as well as to provide Sportsfishing opportunities and preserving instead of destroying our stocks of these magnificent predators.
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